photo A walk in the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

A walk in the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

A walk in the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

When you hear the words “Chihuly Garden and Glass”, the artworks made by the American glass sculptor Dale Chihuly come to mind. Chihuly Garden and Glass refers to the location where his glass sculptures are exhibited.

Exhibits take place at Seattle Center, Washington, USA. His wonderful artworks have attracted visitors from many countries for years. The Garden is located in 305, Harrison Street, Seattle, Washington.

The exhibits have opened since May 2012 and have kept visitors full of admiration. The term studio glass refers to the use of glass in art. In fact, glass is sculpted, or shaped into three-dimensional objects.

The sculpted products are used for decorative purposes as to embellish the interior or the exterior of a house. For many years, Dale Chihuly has produced a large variety of glass sculptures and his studio art is exhibited in what is known as Chihuly Garden Glass. Read and find out more about the Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Explore the fascinating Garden and Glass

The primary spaces feature the following components: 

  • The Chihuly Glasshouse. It displays a large number of fascinating masterpieces which were sculpted from glass. The awe-inspiring works of art are displayed inside the Glasshouse. Among the most fascinating glass sculptures is the Sun. 
  • The Chihuly Garden. The garden outside the Glasshouse features glass sculptures in form of plants, trees, flowers, and animals. It is fairly amazing to see the Nature shaped into glass sculptures. It is so mesmerizing to see different kinds of flowers, birds, and other objects, finely sculpted from glass, in different colors. 
  • The Interior Exhibits. The exhibits feature everything about Chihuly's life story, background and the beginning of his career. In other words, the exhibits show the most distinctive creations of the talented Chihuly. Moreover, visitors can listen to the audio files containing his background information in the interior exhibit rooms.

Apart from the exhibits, the Chihuly Garden and Glass features other fascinating activities. The secondary spaces include the following elements: 

  • A theatre. The multi-purpose theater can accommodate up to 50 attendants. 
  • A café. The site is endowed with an indoor café, which can accommodate up to 90 customers. Apart from that, there is a dining area outside the café. 
  • A lecture space. A special space is used to give visitors lectures about glass studio and sculptures. 
  • Retail shops. Shops are available for visitors to shop for glass sculptures.

Walk in the Chihuly Garden and Glass

  • The site is open for the public. Before your visit, you have to buy a ticket online. In order to take a tour of the Garden and Glass, a printed ticket is mandatory. 
  • The opening hours of the Chihuly Garden and Glass vary; therefore, you have to check when you buy your ticket. 
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